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The picturesque port of Vathi

Ithaca - Vathi

Ithaca - homeland of Ulysses

Ithaca is part of the Ionian Islands, located west of Greeceís mainland, in the Ionian Sea. The island of Ithaca is one of the seven islands (called Eptanissa in Greek, meaning Seven Islands) which constitute the Ionian Islands.

It is a calm and beautiful destination, ideal for those searching for relaxation, peaceful walks, wonderful swimming in emerald waters. 

Ithaca is famous for being the homeland of Odysseus (Ulysses), Homerís hero in the Odyssey, the land where the faithful Penelope waited patiently during twenty years for her husband to return from the Trojan War. Despite his long, full of adventures,  voyage, Odysseus managed to return to his beloved Ithaca.

In 1807, the Ionian Islands return under the rule of the French, who prepared to face the powerful English fleet and fortified the town and capital of Vathy.

In recent years the island prepared itself to welcome the tourists by building a new road, increasing the ferries services and improving the touristy facilities of the island.

The interior of the island is quite mountainous, covered with pine forests, cypresses, olive trees and vineyards.

Enchanting coves are finishing this idyllic landscape, making it a real paradise on earth.

 Ithaca is an island of pleasure where every one takes its time to relax and be charmed by the natural beauty of the place. 

The island offers many things to do such as endless nice walks, visits to the sleepy picturesque villages and stopping at the many archaeological sites associated with Homerís stories.

 The whole island is full of magic and beauties, making us understand the great love and pride of Odysseus for his homeland, a wonderful island fit for the gods themselves.

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Vathi - Lazareto A scenic beach in Shinos Vathi view

The picturesque port of Vathi and Lazareto island

A scenic beach in Shinos The west side of Vathi (view from the balcony of Parathinalos)

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